Five tips for improving your fast bowling

Five tips for improving your fast bowling

Fast bowling is a marvel of modern sport. Not only is it one of the most difficult sporting motions to defend against, it’s also one of the most difficult to master. Pace bowlers are always thinking of ways they can improve their fast bowling, and here are five tips to help that happen.

  1.   Run up is rhythm

It is easy to get caught up with fast bowling’s finer technical points. Should my leg be braced? Am I front or side on? These are questions fast bowlers often ask themselves regarding their technique. However, none of this matters if you don’t have a smooth run.

To ensure your run-up is smooth, you have to do the following: mark out each key point of your run-up, including your starting point, every 10 steps, and where you will start your action. Focus on where these points are and how your run-up works in conjunction with them. This will help you understand your run-up better and help perfect your motion. A smooth run-up starts the basis of efficient bowling. If you are unaware of your run-up’s rhythm you will continue to make mistakes, including the more-than-occasional no-ball.

  1.   Carry momentum through the crease

Carrying the momentum through the crease can often be a problem for budding fast bowlers. Thinking of where you are landing instead of focusing on your target can dramatically slow you down.

You should aim to pick up speed as you get closer to your action, as well as carry solid momentum through the crease to allow for awesome pace. Another important thing to note is that bowling speed comes from more than your non-bowling arm and run-up, you have to ensure you land your front foot with awesome precision, facing directly at the batter and propelling your upper body forward.

  1.   Put a little focus on your non-bowling arm

Obviously, you want to be focusing on your bowling arm - that’s a no-brainer. However, your non-bowling arm plays a massive role in generating the pace you need to get big wickets. With your non-bowling arm, it’s important to pull it down as if you were dragging the batter towards you, keeping your arm close to your body. You want to swing your non-bowling arm at a pace to whip your bowling arm forward.

  1.   Wrist position is key

The two most important things to remember with your wrist are:

  1.   It needs to be behind the ball to allow for outstanding presentation of the seam, as well as allow you to control where the ball will land. Your wrist action also helps shape inswing and outswing efforts. Being able to swing the ball is one of a pace bowler’s ultimate weapons.
  2. You want to snap your wrist upon delivery. A quick snap allows you to add extra pace and momentum to the ball.
  3. Focus on your target

You can easily forget about your target if your run-up is inconsistent and you aren’t carrying momentum through the crease. You first have to master these two techniques and then focus on your target, keeping your eyes firmly on the stumps and knowing the delivery you want to achieve. The ultimate target is the top of the stump.

These are five vital tips for improving your fast bowling. Remember to focus on your non-bowling arm and its whipping your bowling arm into pace, ensure your run-up is rhythmic and smooth, carry momentum through the crease and focus on the top of the stumps. Whilst you are here, feel free to check out Highmark Cricket’s awesome range of top-class bats, balls, protective gear, and accessories - we’ll help you become the best fast bowler on the pitch.