Cricket Equipment Essentials You Should Know

Cricket Equipment Essentials That You Should Know Being A Cricket Fan

How many times have you watched your favourite cricket player and been absolutely and totally inspired? Do you watch your favourite cricket players and teams closely to observe how they win games and which tactics and strategies they use? Chances are that you have, which means you are well on your way to leveraging the talent of professionals to improve your own game.

You may have imagined yourself hitting scores similar to Sachin Tendukar or Adam Gilchrist. Maybe you aspire to be a great bowler, such as Shane Warne or Glenn McGrath.. If this is you, it's important to choose the right cricket equipment that will be essential for your success and growth in the sport.

There are a lot of different types of equipment that cricketers need to play the game well. The game is the same for women and men, so no matter who you are, shopping online for the right cricket equipment is vital. If you’re just starting out in cricket you might not yet need all the latest and greatest equipment. Keep reading to learn more about cricket essentials!

What gear do you need for cricket?

Here is a list of cricket equipment you should know about:

White Clothing

The staple uniform for cricket is white in colour. When making decisions on cricket clothing, you want to make sure you go for fabrics that absorb and wick away sweat as quickly as possible, so that you stay dry for the duration of the game. Even better if you get antimicrobial types of fabrics, since this will keep you fresh and odour-free for longer. Different players find comfort in different types of clothing, but generally staying dry and managing sweat is always essential.


The cricket bat is arguably the most important piece of cricket equipment. Players often find that buying their ideal bat can end up being a pretty tough decision. It can also be an overwhelming decision as there are so many options available. There are a few key things to consider when buying a bat.

Budget: When shopping online it’s a good idea to set a budget for how much you want to spend on your bat. This will make your search easier to narrow down on the best options. Bat prices fluctuate a lot as does quality.

Shape/Style: There are a variety of bat options with different profiles, edges, scallops, and sweet spots. If you are just starting out, it might be good to get some expert advice before purchasing your bat. We are here to help!

Weight: Weight is a big factor in bat choice and also varies a fair bit. You don’t want a bat that is too heavy or too light. Choosing the wrong weight can affect your training, and it's best to focus on pick-up as opposed to weight. 


Cricket balls can be purchased online at a range of prices. Usually, the more expensive balls have better surface and better shine. If you are interested in improving your bowling skills it’s definitely worth investing in higher-quality cricket balls. Don’t forget that standard cricket ball size will vary depending on whether you play in men’s, women’s, or junior league.

Keeping Gloves

Wicket keepers, more so than any other player, are at risk of getting hit with a ball. These essential players are in charge of tending to the wicket and the bails behind the batsman. Keeping gloves protect the hands and fingers of wicket keepers, keeping them safe from an injury. There are different price points and quality for different wicket keeper gloves. 

Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are designed for grip in addition to protection from incoming balls. Batting gloves usually will have additional padding around the fingertips and are designed to allow flexibility and agility.. On the backside of gloves, there is extra padding to protect the batsman’s fingers, wrists, and knuckles. Some players layer these gloves over thin cotton gloves to prevent chafing. Just like all the other equipment we discussed in this article, price and quality vary. 

Batting/Keeping Pads

Keeper and batsman pads are used to protect the lower limb of players, and are generally made with cloth and leather / PU. You’ll find that the front part of the pads are hard, having wooden sticks and/or hard plastic, while the back part of the pads are soft, spongy, and comfortable since this part sits directly on the legs. Keeper pads are typically a little shorter than pads designed for batsmen.


As you can well imagine, the purpose of cricket protective gear is for injury prevention. It’s vital that players protect themselves while playing the game. Flying cricket balls can cause a lot of damage, which is why the need and regulation for helmets are so important to adhere to. Today, helmets usually include a ‘stem-guard’. This attaches to the back of the helmet and is used to improve protection for the neck.. 

While choosing the right helmet for you, you want to look for lightweight and sturdy models. The inner part of the helmet should be softer and comfortable. There are different sizes to choose from, while some players prefer customised helmets based on their exact head measurements. 


Stumps are long and cylindrical in shape. They have a sharp spear-like end that goes directly into the ground to keep the stumps standing while in play.


Bails are, by far, the smallest piece of cricket equipment. They are placed on the stumps and help the umpires make calls on player dismissal. .

Other Equipment

There are so many types of equipment, some are more vital than others, but they are worth considering as you put together your cricket kit. You can also purchase abdominal guard, arm guard, thigh guard, base layers, bat mallet,, sunglasses, chest guard, and more! Whether playing at the professional or beginner level, it takes time to collect your favourite pieces of equipment that help you perform at your best on match day. Browse our specialised cricket equipment collection for everything you need. If you need help with your decisions, we are always here to help! Shop today! 


What kind of sport is cricket?

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. Cricket has existed for more than 300 years and is favoured by over 2.5 billion fans. It’s played with two competing teams of eleven players each. The bowler throws the ball toward the batter who tries to hit the ball to score a run. Cricket has evolved over time and has three main types; One-day international cricket, Five-day test matches, and Twenty20 cricket.

What is the best cricket equipment brand?

There are many great cricket brands in Australia! Some of the leading brands include Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls , Gunn and Moore,, SS, TON, CA Sports, MRF, DSC, BAS, Southern Cross Cricket, Aero, Shrey, CEAT, BDM and Masuri. Highmark Crickets stocks all of these brands. 

What is the price of the best cricket kit?

Cricket kit prices range massively. Some kits are more comprehensive than others, which is often the main reason behind price differentials.. Browse our Cricket kit selection today.

Which ball is best for cricket?

There are many great cricket ball brands out there. However, Kookaburra balls are the most popular brand in Australia and are used by Cricket Australia. 

What is the price of a cricket bat?

Cricket bats range in price depending on their brand and also the type of bat you are buying. Our bats range from $50 - $2,000 for example. It’s best to get some help when choosing the right bat for you, as there are many specs to consider. Get one of our team members to answer your bat questions and help you choose the most suitable one.


Most cricket fans and players feel like real cricket players once they have their cricket equipment ready to go. Owning your cricket gear is the first step in moving toward integrating cricket into your life. Cricket is a way of life after all! Use our vast experience and cricket expertise to build your cricket kit up and get out on the pitch. Start your cricket journey with us and make the right choices for gear and accessories. 

Reach out to our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for!