SS Valarie 3.0 Cricket Bat - Women SH - Highmark Cricket

SS Valarie 3.0 Cricket Bat - Women SH

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  • SIZE: Women - Short Handle
  • WILLOW: Grade 4 English Willow
  • WEIGHT: approx. 2lb 5oz - 2lb 7.5oz

PLEASE NOTE: Bat weights are subject to availability

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SS Valarie 3.0 is made from hand selected super lightweight Grade 4 English Willow. Specifically designed and made for Women Cricketeres, these bats are handcrafted and have an excellent punch, pick-up and power profile - and not to mention, the light weight. This bat comes comes with a full-length bat cover and SS Authenticity QR code for extra piece of mind. 


Mid: This is a complete class bat on its own. This means you can enjoy strokes on the front and back foot on all types of wickets  This popular sweet spot position creates a balanced pickup. 

Slight Bow: This is a combination of the traditional and large bow which is the most common when making a cricket bat. Indian sub-continental shapes are typically seen with a more pronounced bow enabling the sweet spot to be lower on the blade, ideal for play on slow and low pitches.

Normal: This bat has around 35mm edges. It may lack a few millimetres on the edge but chances are it’s a lightweight bat or a bat with a full profile and high spine peak.
Full Spine: This bat is created to ensure a lightweight pickup with slight concaving to help control the weight. We would recommend this profile for a player who likes the spine running right through the toe and looking for a light bat with the sweet spot being positioned mid to high. Ideal for players who play of the back foot and enjoy using their wrists to pierce the field.

Flat Face: This was a face profile that was introduced in the early 2000’s. It is done to give the appearance of the big bats we all know today. It allows the bat maker to press the bat lighter and get a great ping in the sweet spot. It takes a touch longer for the bat to 'open up' but once it does the ball stays hit.

Round: Made from world's best Saravak Cane embedded with high-quality rubber along with • Specially designed Zigzagg Grip with Embossed Sunridges to prevent from shock and provide maximum flexibility.

Round: A Round toe is the most common toe shape used by players and in general, will help prevent damage of the bat toe particular if you are a constant crease tapper.

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