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MRF VK18 Bullet Cricket Bat

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  • SIZE: Senior - Short Handle
  • WILLOW: Grade 4 English Willow
  • WEIGHT RANGE: 2lb 8.5oz - 2lb 11oz

PLEASE NOTE: Bat weights and grains are subject to availability

Pictures are for illustration only. Actual bats may look different because each bat is hand crafted and made from natural willow.

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MRF VK18 BULLET is an entry level bat in the VK18 series from MRF Sports. This bat has good balance and performance, a large sweet spot and thick edges to provide awesome power in the sweet spot. The stylish design and it's performance makes it an ideal choice for someone looking for a big brand bat without breaking the bank.


  • SWEET SPOT POSITION = Mid: Suitable for the full on crikcket, Therefor you can enjoy strokes on the front and back foot, you play on all types of wickets and you want the largest area for the sweet spot. This popular sweet spot position creates a balanced pickup.
  • BOW = Slight Bow: This is a combination between the traditional and large bow which is the most common when making a cricket bat with a more pronounced bow enabling the sweet spot to be lower on the blade, ideal for play on slow and low pitches.
  • EDGES = Big: Close to 35mm edges (for Senior Size), this bat has plenty of willow which makes it perfect for power hitting with clear spine fit fo full on play.
  • PROFILE SHAPE = Duckbill: A duck bill profile adds thickness to the toe yet aiding pickup for a better balanced bat. This is the bat profile preferred by many international players due to the balance and amount of wood left in the bat in the hitting zone. Perfect for front foot players and on slow low English wickets. This bat is designed for big hitters and for clearing the ropes effortlessly.
  • FACE = Flat Face: It is done to give the appearance of the big bats. It allows the bat maker to press the bat lighter and get great ping in the sweet spot.
  • HANDLE TYPE = Rounded: Made from Sarawak Combination Cane provide more control but still allow for use of wrists during stroke play.
  • TOE = Semi Square Toe: The main reason for an Semi square toe is that it helps minimise damage from tapping at the crease and running in.

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