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Leverage Roboarm Ball Thrower

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  • COLOUR: Black / White / Blue 

* The colour mentioned is for the cup. The handle may be different colour.

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Leverage RoboArm is the most advanced ball thrower in the world. Currently endorsed by Indian cricket team and England team coaches for training. RoboArm is unique because the angle of the ball cup can be changed to suit your requirements and you can throw really fast balls (up to 160kmph)


  • Great tool for parents and coaches so they don't have to get exhausted
  • Can bowl up to 160 kmh
  • Extremely easy to use and can be mastered quickly
  • Easy and more controlled release
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty on the Stem/Handle
  • 6-Month manufacturer’s warranty on the Cup/Ball Holder
  • Best part is unlike other ball throwers Roboarm doesn't break easily
  • Throw downs or net practice was never that easy before


  • Roboarm comes with numbered front cup/cradle which can be adjusted to change the bounce and length of the ball
  • Higher the number on cup adjustment better the bounce 
  • Middle number based on thrower's height and built for yorkers and good length ball with maximum speed
  • Lower number are great for fuller balls and fielding practice - as you can throw ball to long distance
  • Lower number can also be used for high catches

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