GILBERT Spectra Trainer T400 Netball [Size 4]

GILBERT Spectra Trainer T400 Netball [Size 4]

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  • SIZE: 4 (T400)

Ball may need to be inflated. Pump is needed and not included with the ball.


GILBERT SPECTRA TRAINER NETBALL is an ideal high quality netball. The Spectra can be used on any surface and is perfect for club and professional players to practice their skills at training or at home. The ball is made using a blended rubber surface and a synthetic latex bladder. It also uses multi-laminate construction for durability as well as Hydratec and Duragrip - a pebble like grip technology that can handle the rigours of outdoor use. This is high performance ball is a must have for Netball teams looking to take their training to the next level.


  • Duragrip dimple grip pattern creates a durable surface ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Intermediate grade rubber surface provides excellent grip for ball control and handling.
  • Synthetic latex bladder for excellent air retention.
  • Bonded three ply construction for maximum shape retention, strength and rebound.
  • The Spectra is available in White for Size 4 and White, Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow for Size 5 balls.

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GRIP:• • •  
DURABILITY:• • • • •

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