AERO P1 Stripper Protection v7.0 - Combo Thigh Guard - Highmark Cricket

AERO P1 Stripper Protection v7.0 - Combo Thigh Guard

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  • SIZES: Small / Medium / Large / X Large
  • ORIENTATION: Right Hand / left Hand
  • PROTECTION: Suitable up to 160 kmph

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The AERO P1 STRIPPER v7.0 with its enhanced features continues to dominate the market. The combo thigh guards protect front and back thighs, hip and buttock. They are 3D moulded which means they always stay in place. The waistband has two fitting options that enable a great fit. It's integrated design allows natural movement & mobility. It's easy to use and washable.


  • Leading choice for thigh guards
  • Protects front and back thighs, hip and buttock
  • 3D moulded design means they stay in place
  • Two fitting options on the waistband to enable a great fit
  • Integrated design allows natural movement & mobility
  • Easy to use and washable
  • Has a thin layer of hi-impact plastic combined with two layers of EVA foams to offer outstanding protection and comfort
  • Offers highest level of protection - up to 160 kmph

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