YONEX Arc Saber Light Badminton Racquet

YONEX Arc Saber Light Badminton Racquet

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  • COLOUR: White / Gold
  • WEIGHT: 5U (Avg. 78g)
  • GRIP: G5


The YONEX Arcsaber series is an all-round performance racquet providing control & precision. The frame's elasticity allows holding the shuttle on the string bed upon impact can help players deliver more accuracy control. Suitable for beginner and intermediate level players who are looking for an all round and lightweight racquet that offers great control and power.


  • FLEX: Medium
  • FRAME: Graphite / Nanoair Spring
  • SHAFT: Graphite
  • WEIGHT / GRIP: 4U (Avg. 83g) / G5
  • STRING ADVICE: 4U 19024lbs
  • COLOR: Black

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