SS TON Elite Cricket Bat - Junior - Highmark Cricket

SS TON Elite Cricket Bat - Junior

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  • WILLOW: English Willow
  • SIZE: 4 / 5 / 6 / Harrow

This bat has TON stickers on top of factory installed Fiber Sheet. Due to this, we may not be able to do oiling & knocking on this bat. 

Pictures are for illustration only. Actual bats may look different because each bat is hand crafted and made from natural willow.


SS Ton Elite is a nice bat for someone looking for their first English Willow Bat. This lightweight bat is made with naturally air-dried English Willow - the bat comes with a huge sweet spot combined with extraordinary balance- the hallmark of TON bats.


  • SWEET SPOT POSITION = Mid to Low: Want the best of both the worlds? This is suitable for players who like to play on the front foot but still want the benefits of a mid sweet spot. This will suit someone who does plays on synthetic wickets or pitches that do not bounce high.
  • BOW = Slight Bow: This is a combination of the traditional and large bow which is the most common when making a cricket bat. Indian sub-continental shapes are typically seen with a more pronounced bow enabling the sweet spot to be lower on the blade, ideal for play on slow and low pitches.
  • EDGES = Big: Close to 40mm edges (for Senior Size), this bat has plenty of willows which makes it perfect for power hitting.
  • PROFILE SHAPE = Concave: Concave sanded through the back of the blade just enough to reduce weight whilst keeping the essential depth and mass of wood through the bat’s core to ensure a featherlight pickup. Bats with a concave back profile are those that have had wood scooped out from either side of the bat's spine. Concaving is done to reduce the bat’s weight while still providing thicker edges and deeper swells, thereby improving its pick-up.
  • FACE = Semi-Flat: One of the latest trends in cricket bat faces was born from the need to add some durability to the edges of flat-faced bats. When prepared correctly semi-flat faces bring the benefits of slightly bigger edges, a wider sweet spot plus 'point and shoot' aiming of a flat face bat. A slight curve also allows the batsman to be confident when using the wrists to manipulate the face angle.
  • HANDLE TYPE = Round: Suitable for bottom hand dominant players looking for more freedom to use their wrists.
  • TOE = Semi Square Toe: The main reason for a Semi square toe is that it helps minimize damage from tapping at the crease and running in, as the toe is slightly offset.

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