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Kookaburra Rapid Pro 6.0 Cricket Bat

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  • SIZE: Senior - Short Handle
  • WILLOW: Grade 6 English Willow
  • WEIGHT: approx. 2lbs 8oz — 2lbs 10oz
  • This bat comes with a factory fitted Fiber Sheet. Therefore, we may not be able to do Oiling & Knocking on this bat.

Bat weight and grains are subject to availability. Pictures are for illustration only. Actual bats may look different because each bat is hand crafted and made from natural willow.

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Kookaburra Rapid Pro 6.0 Cricket Bat is a Grade 6 unbleached English Willow Bat with web tape facing. This bat is handcrafted to meet international player specification. This bat offers ultimate balance & pick up and superb performance.


  • The loudest bat on the market, the Rapid boasts an imposing low profile forthose who want to attack the boundary on the front foot.
  • Grade 6 unbleached english willow with web tape facing.
  • Features a Playersgrip, traditional toe shaping.
  • Weight range from 2lbs 8oz — 2lbs 10oz.

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