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Kookaburra Pace Pro 7.0 Cricket Bat - Junior

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  • SIZE: 3 / 4 / 5 
  • WILLOW: Grade 5 English Willow (with Grade 1 Grain Face)

The bat comes with a factory fitted Toe Guard and Pro Field Facing which cannot be removed. Therefore, this bat cannot be oiled and knocked.

Bat weight and grains are subject to availability. Pictures are for illustration only. Actual bats may look different because each bat is hand crafted and made from natural willow.

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Kookaburra Pace Pro 7.0 Cricket Bat is made from lower grade English Willow but has a Grade 1 grain face / veneer. This lighter weight bat is handcrafted to meet international player specification with a full length spine for an enhanced sweet spot.


  • Made with a mid-high profile, the Pace is built specifically for those who favour a lighter bat and thinner handle.
  • Features a Wave grip, flat face profile.
  • Pro Shield Facing.

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